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    General Physician
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    @deepakagarkhed Welcome to "Transform Global Health" Deepak. We look forward to your active participation in the endeavour.

    Managing Director at NovoInvent Healthcare, Program Director for TGH Model Hospital System
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    Director Digital Platforms at New Fields Technologies, Technical Lead for the UNHIN
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    Currently India is aggressively adopting ‘Smart life’ where everything is driven by smart technology like artificial intelligence and IoT, but a grave reality still haunts most of the population is lack of basic healthcare facilities. In recent years, many projects and initiatives have been undertaken to improve the quality of life of common people, however, more concrete steps are still required to achieve the dream of ‘Healthy India’.

    Compassion With Excellency......
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    Check out the next episode of UNHIN Beast Mode cancer hospital, the largest such project ever done in the Caribbean. This is how they keep their energy up and their creative juices flowing! Rakesh and Shobit do an impromptu situps challenge while coding in "beast mode"! #beastmode #faceoff #buddies #pushup #pushupchallenge #unhin #tgh#office #gym #gymfreak #fitness #work #engineering #live #life #code#software #technology #emr #ehr #his #gymmotivation #tgif#weekendvibes #fun #friends

    Social Media Manager for UNHIN
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    This is test wall update.

    Full-stack Developer, SEO , SMO
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    Software Engineer Intern at Novoinvent Software Pvt Ltd
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    Software Developer
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    Manager Administration at Novoinvent Software Pvt.Ltd.
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    Financial Consultant at Pay Route Services Private Limited
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    Development Manager at New Fields Technologies
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    Head of Marketing at New Fields Technologies, Community Manager for the UNHIN
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    CFO at ODA Primary Healthcare, Healthcare Industry Lead for the UNHIN
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    active 1 month, 1 week ago

    Director, Technology Development
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    active 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Software Developer

Saransh Khanna

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