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Tejinder Singh


Tejinder is a national leader in healthcare infrastructure in India. He is a multi-skilled engineer, medical technology specialist and entrepreneur with over 48 years’ experience in healthcare, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and a multitude of other areas. He has led the end-to-end construction and implementation of multiple green-field hospitals, and has hands-on, in depth knowledge of hospital operations and maintenance including all engineering services, biomedical equipment, CSSD, laundry, biomedical waste and waste water treatment. He is also skilled in hospital layouts and resource and material flow; infection control risk assessment (ICRA), patient and staff safety and hospital accreditation as per the national NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) standards in India and the international JCI (Joint Commission International) standards.

He headed projects for Fortis Healthcare (India) Limited, a leading hospital chain in India, for over 15 years where he led the construction of hospitals and guided multiple hospitals in obtaining national NABH accreditation and international JCI accreditation. He is passionate about efficient, environment friendly design and specializes in energy management, renewable energy and water purification and conservation. He is advising multiple hospital projects across India on these principles and is a key adviser for Transform Global Health providing invaluable inputs and insight on implementing high quality healthcare infrastructure efficiently and at low cost.

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Managing Director at NovoInvent Healthcare, Program Director for TGH Model Hospital System


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Tejinder Singh

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