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    This is test wall update.

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    The sustained buzz about our initiative has led to the health minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Terrance Deyal Singh having a meeting with Shubh Singh and Camille Chee- Awai. Here is an article by the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, a daily newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago, covering the Electronic Health Records which is going to revolutionise healthcare in the Caribbean. In addition, the article also covers the ‘Be Well TT App’ which has the twin focus of encouraging a healthy lifestyle as well as preventing non-communicable diseases. #ehr #emr #transformglobalhealth #medicalrecords #ceo #pharmacy #technews #cancerhospital #nurse #doctor #nurselife #healthcare #pressrelease #media #mobileapplication #mobileapplaunch #physician #unhin #hospital #clinic #impact #digitization #digitaltransformation

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    @deepakagarkhed Welcome to "Transform Global Health" Deepak. We look forward to your active participation in the endeavour.

    Managing Director at NovoInvent Healthcare, Program Director for TGH Model Hospital System
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    Currently India is aggressively adopting ‘Smart life’ where everything is driven by smart technology like artificial intelligence and IoT, but a grave reality still haunts most of the population is lack of basic healthcare facilities. In recent years, many projects and initiatives have been undertaken to improve the quality of life of common people, however, more concrete steps are still required to achieve the dream of ‘Healthy India’.

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