Yoga – More than just Meditation and Stretching

Yoga is an ancient Indian art, focused on the balance between the mind and the body, and aimed at achieving a healthy practitioner in all aspects of the individual. It is more than just stretching, meditating and chanting a sound; it encompasses a holistic approach to health, that is in line with the guidelines and recommendations that have been also proven by Western sciences. Yoga has spread throughout the world, and has been embraced by persons of all races, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds; it even has a day dedicated to it, June 21st, the International Day of Yoga. This incorporation into so many different societies speaks to the value that so many persons have found in this form of exercise, and which you too can experience if you try it, and stick to it.

The benefits of yoga include, but are not limited to:

  • It can decrease stress : Cortisol levels have been shown to decrease in those who engaged in at least ten (10) weeks of sustained yoga exercise, reducing the levels of stress. High cortisol levels have been linked to many issues with the body, including weight gain, chronic inflammation, fatigue and hypertension. Thus, by lowering this hormone, it can reduce these effects and promote a healthier life.
  • It can reduce anxiety : Studies have found that doing yoga reduces anxiety levels, and can help cope with anxiety. Women who did yoga for two (2) months had reduced levels of PTSD and feelings of trauma.
  • It can increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles: Yoga postures have been shown to increase muscle flexibility, and strength, as it engages the muscles.
  • It can strengthen the internal organs : Studies indicate that yoga can ensure that the internal organs function at their optimum, such as having clearer blood vessels, having a stronger heart and reduce blood pressure.

Try these yoga sessions today, and take your health into your own hands.