World Humanitarian Day 2019

On August 19th 2019, we celebrate World Humanitarian Day. Globally, World Humanitarian Day honours the efforts of those who support people in crisis such as in an emergency, whether natural or man-made, to reduce avoidable loss of life and the burden of disease and disability.  In 2019, the theme is set to celebrate Women Humanitarians and a sense of unparalleled uniqueness based on female strength, power and perseverance.

At a local level, the staff of the NWRHA work assiduously to promote breastfeeding as the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development, and reduce the associated taboos. Today we support their tireless efforts in education and awareness to the general public and parents as well as their continuous lobby for the inclusion of baby-friendly spaces at workplaces coupled with associated policy development.




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