Sticking to Your Resolutions 2021

In ancient times, resolutions took the form of oaths to kingdoms or religions. In modern times, most resolutions are generally personal and geared toward commitments to make some effort towards self-improvement. Maybe you plan to ring in 2021 with a new resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, or not sweat the small stuff. And maybe these resolutions sound familiar — maybe just like the ones you made a year ago! Studies show that less than 10% of resolutions are kept. So how can we stick to our resolutions?

According to Harvard Medical School, these are seven tips to making your new year’s resolutions stick:

  1. Dream big
  2. Break down big dreams into small steps
  3. Understand why you shouldn’t make a change
  4. Commit yourself
  5. Reward yourself
  6. Learn from the past
  7. Be thankful for what you achieve

Remember, creating new habits takes time, energy and consistency. So, keep nudging yourself in the direction you’d like to go. And try these seven tips to help you create long-lasting change.