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Shubh Singh


Shubh is a successful entrepreneur and technology leader. As the founder & CEO of New Fields Technologies, he has led the company in developing multiple sophisticated, highly impactful platforms in healthcare, health insurance and health & human services. Prior to that he held leadership positions with Strategy&, Deloitte and BearingPoint where he led the architecture, design, development and implementation of some of the most significant technology platforms in health and human services in the USA, including cutting edge technology systems for New York City, New York State, Nevada, Connecticut and Maryland that positively impact the lives of millions of people.


Shubh has consistently worked with the latest technologies for close to 20 years, applying distrbuted and decentralized computing to developing largescale systems and solving some of the toughest technology challenges. He is the creative force behind combining decentralized computing,  healthcare oriented blockchain protocols, cryptography, digital rights management and artificial intelligence to formulate the Universal Health Information Network

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Founder & CEO at New Fields Technologies, Program Director for the UNHIN


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Shubh Singh

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