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But if she already has someone she likes. She carried a picture of this poor man in her pocket. She was an orphan and couldn’t have a family, so what kind of person was this bastard? Tell me, what is your relationship with her? Without saying a word, he rushed to the poor man’s face and grabbed him by the collar. Carl vented his anger on this question. “What’s your relationship? What can you give her if she gets on the boat for you?” She thought it was the Olympic, so she couldn’t get on board, but she came for this ugly little white face, and she refused him. There must be something. There must be something between Emily and this fool. What. What The gigolo’s blue eyes were blank, and he unceremoniously moved his shoulder in an attempt to get out of this inexplicable predicament. “Who are you asking? Wait, did you take my friend away at noon?” “Friends?”? I don’t have any interest in friends of rats, you dirty thing, and you attacked my fiancee? This is the kind of thing he wants to go back and tell Emily immediately, so that she can see that this young boy is so mean that he is not worth a penny. Jack instinctively tried to defend himself, but when the words came to his lips, he could not help looking at Ruth,Pallet rack supplier, who had not yet recovered, and if he told the truth, he feared that it would affect her. When Carl saw that he dared not explain, he was even more angry. Of course, there was a kind of excitement to see this guy’s bad luck. “You are a steerage criminal. You are doomed to get nothing. I want you to go to prison for the rest of your life.” Ruth finally saw that the scene was out of control, and she hurried over to stop her crazy fiance. “Carl..” It was an accident. “Accident?”? There was no accident. If Carl stops her firmly,warehouse rack manufacturer, it’s the right thing to kill this bastard first. It was an accident. Ruth grabbed his arm, fearing that he would accidentally strangle Jack. What accident? What are you doing here? Hurry back. Getting in the way of good things makes Carl even angrier. What does Emily have to do with this guy? He had no time to think about what his fiancee was doing. I just want to see, I want to see. “Go see what you want to see.” Carl wanted to shove his wayward fiancee back into the arms of his future mother-in-law. Then he shook Jack even harder. “You’re a criminal scumbag.” Jack also began to get angry, he has not opened his mouth, was pressed on the head of countless charges, this guy is eating explosive bags. Ruth finally said clearly, “I fell on the railing and he saved me. It was a misunderstanding, Carl.” “Saved you?” This is not what Carl wants to hear. What he wants most now is to throw the boy who may have a special relationship with Emily into the sea. He is my savior. Ruth made it clear that she could see the cruelty in Carl’s eyes. The man who saved his life? Carl could not help but roll his eyes indecently, sneer, when he was a fool, long span shelving ,Pallet rack beams, so late to run to blow the sea breeze and fall, and now can not wait to run to defend. He finally managed to suppress his fierce anger and look around, only to find several crew members standing on one side watching the fun. He’s not an actor. Why should he make them laugh. Changing the mask freely, he immediately showed a perfunctory smile, “It seems to be a misunderstanding, he saved you?” Ruth nodded hurriedly, a little afraid of her fiance, who was obviously in a state of uncertainty. Jack was finally freed from the handcuffs, and the chief picket gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder. Carl squinted at him, his eyes still mixed with a cold and murderous look. Jack looked at Ruth and then said to Carl, “I think you know Emily. We were going to get off the boat at noon, but you took her, I’m sure.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I haven’t seen any Emily.” Carl quickly contradicted him. He didn’t want anyone to find out about Emily. He would hide her and get off the boat and take her away immediately. Emily? Ruth asked, not knowing why. Jack immediately explained, “She’s so tall. Her hair is long and blond. Her eyes are light green. When she smiles, she has a dimple at the corner of her mouth. Have you seen her?” “Is she playing the harmonica at the stern of the boat? The tune is..” “My heart will go on.” Jack took Ruth’s words and took out the old harmonica from his pocket and said to Ruth, “This is the harmonica she didn’t take with her. I’m looking for her now. If you know what happened to her, please tell me.” “I’ve seen her.” “Ruth said uncertainly, trying to remember what she had seen on the upper deck at noon.” All right, let’s talk about it next time. I’m very busy. Carl couldn’t help but look at the harmonica in Jack’s hand. He slowly stepped forward, suddenly reached out and grabbed the harmonica from Jack’s hand. Then he looked at the old thing in disgust. “It’s worthless. Twenty yuan can buy several.” As he spoke, he quickly stuffed the harmonica into his pocket as if nothing had happened, and then said to the stunned Jack, “I don’t have any money with me now. Next time you come and get it, twenty..” No, thirty. Jack How can someone be so cheeky? This is open robbery. Then Jack turned to Ruth, who was more communicative. “Have you seen her?”? Can you tell me where she is? Originally, Jack wanted to take out the picture he drew for Emily and show it to Ruth. But when I saw Carl with a cold face next to me, I was a little worried that he would come and grab his picture album, and I couldn’t help swallowing the words on my lips. First class. You can come up with us. She’s been up there. Ruth gets in front of Carl and tells Jack the truth, and then her fiance’s eye knife has flown over. OK Jack said yes cleanly, giving Carl no time to say no. Carl swallowed back the vicious curses and turned away,Cantilever Storage rack, not wanting to see the angry man and woman chatting behind him. Ruth didn’t finish talking behind her. “I’ll ask the waiter to take you up. Wait a minute.” “All right, bye.” Jack smiled and agreed, then looked at Carl’s back and could not help frowning.

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