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Michael Frogel


Michael Frogel, M.D., is a graduate and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has previously served as Chairman of Pediatrics at Nassau University Medical Center, and as Chief of General Pediatrics and Sports Medicine and Director of the Emergency Department at Cohen Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park. Dr. Frogel is committed to improving pediatric emergency preparedness both at home and abroad. In New York, he serves as the Principal Investigator for the NYC Department of Health Pediatric Disaster Coalition Grant, which actively participated in response to the H1N1 Pandemic, Haitian Earthquake and Superstorm Sandy. As President-elect of American Physicians and Friends for Medicine in Israel, Dr. Frogel works closely with the IDF Medical Core, Home Front Command, and Ministry of Health on disaster preparedness and pediatric drills. Dr. Frogel is also very involved with the Laniado Hospital in Netanya, serving as both a disaster preparedness consultant to the hospital and as Director of Medical Affairs for American Friends of Laniado Hospital.

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Michael Frogel

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