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She drank the porridge quickly and said with a smile, “Uncle, eat slowly. I’ll go to see my mother.” “I also thank the Bodhisattva,” he added. She hurried upstairs, her mother really went to the Buddha hall, Tang Jiao went back to her room and copied a Buddhist sutra, went directly to the balcony, the balcony on the left side of the second floor was very big, just close to Gu’s house, she was bold, straddled the wall, put the Buddhist sutra on her lap, Tang Jiao looked at Gu’s house. Sure enough, a lot of people! Chapter 74 Gu’s courtyard was full of people, and Tang Jiao had never seen such a big battle. It is reasonable to say that he should not look at such a situation, but Tang Jiao felt that Gu Qiye would not care at all, even if he really found out, he would not blame her. She simply put two sets of legs down and wobbled. It looked a little scary to outsiders, but she didn’t feel anything herself. Instead, she looked around badly. Why don’t you go into the house? Tang Jiao muttered to herself, feeling a little strange. The way they all stood in the yard seemed more like waiting for someone, and sure enough, after a while, a car came in. Although there were many people, there were only six or seven cars in the yard. The car came in, almost everyone was on both sides, Tang Jiao could not see clearly, thought about it,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, got up and stood up. She stood on the edge of the balcony, a shallow breeze blowing, a red dress flying, seems to be the heart of Fu Ling, Gu Tingyun suddenly turned around, two people’s line of sight, Gu Tingyun saw the beautiful girl standing in the sun, like a gorgeous scenery. But it was only for a moment that he waved his hand. Tang Jiao saw his movements, knew that he did not want to peep, pouted his mouth and jumped down, then holding the Buddhist scriptures around the balcony. But for a moment, I saw someone pushing the door. Tang Jiao looked back and saw her uncle looking at her. Tang Jiao immediately came forward with a smile: “Uncle, why did you come up?” Shen Qing smiled, “I want to hear what Buddha said to you.” Tang Jiao said with a straight face, “He told me to hold the seventh Master’s thigh tightly.” What kind of person can let the Hongmen men all meet in the yard? Something related to Gu Tingyun? She hung her head and looked up with a smile. “Uncle, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, let’s go downstairs.” Tang Jiao walked to Shen Qing’s side and heard him sigh helplessly. Tang Jiao said, “It’s easy for you to get old if you always sigh.” Shen Qing said earnestly, “Tang Jiao, if you don’t scare me, I won’t be old.” Two people go downstairs together, he said: “Gu Tingyun’s identity background is too complicated, you promise me, do not have more involvement with him, okay?”? You are too curious. It will kill you. Tang Jiao burst out laughing. “You think too much,” she said softly. Stopping, she looked up at Shen Qing and said earnestly, “He never killed me.” It was he who saved me from distress. It’s just that you can’t say that. Tang Jiao smiled. Turn around and go downstairs. ※※ Gu’s hall was full of people. Gu Tingyun smiled helplessly and said lightly, “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s just a little thing. It’s worth coming here one by one.” “What’s the matter?” Said Fourth Master Liu in a loud voice. “Is killing you a small matter?”? I don’t know where the three-legged cat dares to do such a thing. I think the little bastard is tired of living! He was so angry that the table clapped. Gu Tingyun smiled with a good temper: “I didn’t succeed after all.”. I just don’t know.. Who helped me behind my back? There was a silence. It wasn’t one of them. The Fifth Master said, “Although this faceless man has helped you, I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing.”. Who knows what kind of heart it is? It was at this time that Gu Tingyun was still able to take a sip from his teacup. He lowered his eyes and then looked up with a smile. His face was light: “Maybe I look too good. Someone doesn’t want me to die, does he?” As soon as this remark was made, Fourth Master Liu began to shout again, “You little bastard, what time is it to say such a thing? I think you..” “The fourth brother.”. “The old monk, who had been twirling the beads, finally opened his mouth.” Forget it, “he said.” It’s all right. Let him handle it by himself. Anyway, he’s still alive and kicking. ” “The old man, who had the most irascible temper, had a rare calm this time. This was really unexpected to everyone. Fourth Master Liu wondered if their eldest brother was angry. Things would turn around when they reached the extreme.” Eldest brother “All right, listen to the eldest brother, we will arrange a little tight in the future, but the fifth brother is right, seven, the person who saved you, you should also make a good investigation.”. It’s not difficult to investigate where the shots were fired and how many shots were fired. “Sixth Master is a little younger, but his character is also calm.” Whether it’s killing you or protecting you, you can’t relax. Gu Tingyun smiled, but his eyes were frozen. I know. Smiling, he said, “It’s my fault that everyone is alarmed. Why don’t we have dinner together?”? The evening fast here is very good. It’s just that not everyone likes vegetarian food. Fourth Master Liu waved his hand and begged for mercy. “I’m not happy without meat. I can’t eat vegetarian food.” All of a sudden, several people declined, Gu Tingyun smiled: “Since you do not understand the appreciation, then it is only me and eldest brother.” Boss Gu glared at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”? Is it too bad to be with me? That’s what I said. Sure enough, it was the hot-tempered boss Gu. As soon as they saw that the old man was still like that, he had not changed at all. They all looked for reasons and withdrew decisively in twos and threes. Gu Tingyun stood at the door to see the guests off, inadvertently looking at the balcony of the Shen family again, the little girl is no longer there. By the time he entered the room again, Gu Tingyun had already begun to roll up his sleeves. He was smiling: “Elder brother, sit down for a while. I’ll cook in person.” Boss Gu twirled the beads to expose him. “Isn’t it vegetarian?” Gu Tingyun paused and laughed: “So many people,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, I can’t do it alone, can I?”? And in fact, I do eat vegetarian food at night. Someone else is not a vegetarian.

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