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Kunal Khanna


Leading the Technology Organization for New Fields Technologies in developing highly sophisticated, transformational technology systems related to health care, health insurance and blockchain networks. I am an effective leader and communicator, and have an experience of providing leadership on projects involving diverse stakeholders and challenging environment.Expert at software development approach and methodology, with deep knowledge and experience with a wide range of technologies and platforms for Web development, iOS development, Android development, APIs development, complex systems design and infrastructure design and setup, rules engines and data analytics.Leading the design and technology architecture for several health insurance, human services and blockchain network platforms including the expansion of blockchain to a variety of domains like distributed AI, automobiles, insurance, investment platforms, payment networks, enterprise specific blockchain, and generating value by bringing the traditional businesses closer to the world of cryptocurrency. Advising several ICOs on technology architecture, marketing, business strategy and applications.

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Director, Technology Development


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Kunal Khanna

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