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Please note that this article only refers to the enlargement pump! There are pumps designed for erectile dysfunction (ED), aiding in getting an erection such as Encore Deluxe which is recommended by the American Urology Association. This pump is a medical device approved to erect your penis before sexual intercourse and can restore sexual function for many impotent men. This professional system has nothing in common with the pump enlargement scam.


To minimize this risk and make the whole process more comfortable, modern penis enlargement pumps use a hydrotherapy system, which means the vacuum cleaner is based on water, not air. They are used with warm water in a shower or bath and are the safest yet most effective way to make your penis grow permanently. A good side effect: Pumping has an instant effect, while permanent enlargement takes time, you can temporarily enlarge your penis in one day with them. The instant increase in thickness and length you will see after using a penis pump lasts for a few hours.


The most popular product is manufactured by Hydromax, a company from England. Their Hydro (formerly Bathmate Pump), Hydromax, and HydroXtreme (formerly Xtreme) series feature a fine selection of different pumps in different sizes with maximum comfort and control. It may not be important to you, but unlike a regular ED pump, it looks great too. I’ve been using one of their pumps for several months, every morning in the shower, it fits perfectly into my daily routine without spending too much extra time (about 20 minutes) to enlarge my penis. For the fastest results, combine your daily pumping session with some jelqing at night.


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