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Derek Chen


Derek Chen has been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2012. He has been with ODA Primary Health Care Center, a Federally Qualified Community Health Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 2013.  Derek has demonstrated continuous determination for working and caring for the underserved in our community. As a full time clinical provider, he has worked to connect our patient’s with their oral health and overall health with continuous patient education. In addition, he involves patients in their treatment plan utilizing our electronic health care records and digital radiography as a tool to empower them .

Mr. Chen used to be a Volunteer at the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center another Federally Qualified Health Center in lower Manhattan.  He has been successful in integrating medical education with community building.

At ODA Health Center’s Dental Department, Derek has helped a lot in our electronic records, medical records documentation, imaging and Panorex technology.

As a health educator, he has been committed to improving patient care through early detection methods to help prevent dental caries and oral pathology in our patient population.

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Dental Hygienist


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Derek Chen

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