Healthy Eating Tips for the Christmas Holidays

Exercise: During the holiday season we usually have a little extra time available – Take this opportunity to develop a regular exercise pattern. 

Review Your Cooking Methods: There are many healthy ways in which food can be pre- pared, for example: steaming, grilling, stir-frying, broiling and baking. Avoid tin foods because though they may be quick and convenient, they are preserved with sodium.

Invest in Low Fat Ingredients and Lean Meats When Cooking: When preparing a big dinner, half-fat and lean meats with vegetables are the healthier option and it is often difficult to tell the difference in taste and flavor by adding herbs and spices.

Eat Regularly: Don’t Skip Your Meals: Eat your regular planned meals throughout the day in small portions with low fat healthy snacks. When attending a big party or dinner, don’t starve yourself all day in anticipation of a sumptuous meal – You’re in danger of arriving there feeling very hungry and over-eating.

Balance Your Meals: Don’t be tempted to cook purely rich foods that are high in sodium/salt like all-purpose seasoning and cubes, fat or sugar. Instead, use fresh green seasonings and have a little of everything including your three fruits and three vegetables for a balanced meal.

Stock up on Healthy Snacks: When going shopping, be sure to add some healthy snacking items into your trolley for the holidays. Reduce salty and sweet snacks like chips, cookies and sweets instead add fruits as a substitute.

Moderate Caffeinated Beverages/Alcohol Intake: Control the amount of alcohol you consume over the holiday period, the same way as food, try not to over-indulge regularly. There are lots of lower-calorie beers and wines available to purchase during the season to enjoy. Drink 8-10 glasses of a water daily.

Be Self-assured: Don’t say yes to everyone that offers you food and drinks. If you are not hungry, then simply say so. Do not let yourself be bullied into eating something that isn’t healthy for you or you really don’t want.

Christmas Sample Menu


Bread Turkey

Lettuce, tomatoes Pastelle




Fruit cake


Christmas rice Potato jackets

Sautéed Herb Vegetables Pigeon peas

Bake chicken Fresh salad Ginger beer



Small fruit



OR Smaller version to lunch with Sorrel