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Wajdi Bustani


Wajdi Bustani joined the World Bank Group in 1988 where he held various positions in IT Management, Big Data Management, Private Sector Investment, and Financial Risk Management.


In his former role as the World Bank Group CIO – Finance, he led a global team responsible for business process and intelligence, information and solutions architecture, and analytics.  He conceived and directed the Office of Data Management, a highly regarded function to support decision making and strategic development programs. In the process, he oversaw data and information governance, control, policy development, and effective use, enabling the Group with the capability to drive better informed decision making and strategic development activities and objectives. As a member of the leadership team, he orchestrated the IT strategy to improve business process inefficiencies, identified IT capabilities to better manage financial risk, and formulated principles to guide and drive the Bank’s IT investments.

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Former Chief Information Officer at World Bank Group, IT, Data, Financial Risk Management, Data Strategy Lead for the UNHIN


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Wajdi Bustani

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