• Vivek Marwah posted an update in the initiative Initiative logo of Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN)Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN) 2 years, 9 months ago

    After going through this initiative and looking at the members comment, it seems like a great idea. Personally, i would like to have one secured place; which i am confident that i can share that data with any doctor in the world to ensure i get treated after checking my medical history etc. If that can be established, i would be happy. My only concern would be to ensure that health wallet is secure and is only in my control. However, considering the experience of the technologists in this initiatives, it does sound security would be managed and monitored effectively.

    • Security is indeed one of the most important factors for us. The UNHIN will implements protocols that make the information stored on any node “unidentifiable” and “unintelligible” and only the individual owning the health record can retrieve the information or a physician authorized by them to access their health information.

      The UNHIN will meet or exceed all prevalent security standards.