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      One of the alarming trends Transform Global Health (TGH) has found is the significant growth year on year for implementing and managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) with the global expenditure on EHR projected to exceed $33.4 Billion by 2025. And this is for an EHR model that doesn’t come anywhere close to meeting patient and physician expectations.
      TGH is implementing the Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN) to combat this trend. The UNHIN will apply blockchain and decentralized computing to connect people across the world and create a health information network that doesn’t exist today, while removing the expenditure on EHR via a self-governed, community driven, incentivized network.
      Please review the UNHIN and share your thoughts and questions. Also, do you feel that having a global network such as the UNHIN can reduce healthcare expenditures in other areas, for example by reducing duplicative medical testing, reducing medical errors, implementing patient centered models for healthcare, and enabling transformative models of healthcare tourism where people can travel to get lower cost healthcare more effectively?

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