• Shivangini Sethi posted an update 4 years, 8 months ago

    Check out the next episode on UNHIN Adviser Connect: Interview with Dr. Michael Novogroder

    For implementing a project such as the Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN) that will transform the world of healthcare by digitizing all health data across the globe, one of the most important things is to work closely with physicians and healthcare workers. It’s important to talk with them, to listen to them and understand what they need in a network such as this.

    Under the UNHIN Adviser Connect video series we are going to meet with our advisers, conduct interviews, and record these conversations and bring them to you so that you can see first-hand what inputs they are giving, what their thoughts are, and how we are incorporating these inputs into our work.

    The following topics have been covered in this series.

    • Changes in the healthcare industry over 50 years.
    • Inundation and summarization of data with EHR.
    • Relationship between medical records and insurance.
    • Patient-centric care with UNHIN.

    A special thanks to Dr. Michael Novogroder for spending time with us and helping in getting the Adviser Connect series started.

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