Multigrain Spinach Bake

Category  :  Veg

Ingredients  :  1 ¼ cups rolled oats 2 cups minced spinach (bhagi) 5 cups flour 1 tbsp. yeast ½ tsp. salt 2 tbsp. sugar 4 ounces margarine ¼ cup chia seeds ¼ cup flax seeds 3 cups warm water

Steps :

Step 1
Grind oats finely in food processor to a powder.

Step 2
Wash and separate spinach leaves and remove stems. Grind spinach in food processor.

Step 3
Combine flour, ground oats, chia seeds, flax seed, salt, sugar and yeast.

Step 4
Blend in 3 ounces margarine and 2 cups minced spinach. Add warm water and kneed to a soft dough. Leave to rise.

Step 5
Roll dough out on greased surface and cut balls. Press ball out slightly onto greased baking sheet and let rise 15 minutes.

Step 6
Bake at 300 o F for ~ 25 minutes. Brush with remaining butter while hot.