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Rose Rosenfeld


Rose is a healthcare industry leader with extensive experience as an entrepreneur, senior executive, and facility administrator. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the ODA Primary Healthcare Network and is the co-owner and Administrator of the CHC Surgical Care Center for pain management based in Brooklyn. She also represents ODA on the New York State DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) program, where she collaborates with other leading healthcare finance professionals, working to fundamentally restructure the healthcare delivery system by reducing unnecessary strains on the Medicaid program in the USA.


The breadth and versatility of Rose’s experience has positioned her to lead all aspects of healthcare organizations including organizational structure, physician recruitment and retention, operations and support, financial management, accounting, instituting best practices, record keeping, all aspects of financial and healthcare reporting, auditing, and more. She is serving as a key advisor for the Transform Global Health initiative and the Healthcare Industry Lead for the Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN), providing insights regarding all aspects of the healthcare industry. She is also assisting the UNHIN in liaising with healthcare industry professionals and leaders in the USA and globally and to chart a roadmap that resonates with the most important requirements and challenges faced by the industry.

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CFO at ODA Primary Healthcare, Healthcare Industry Lead for the UNHIN


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Rose Rosenfeld

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